Churnet View Middle School

The learning environment at Churnet View Middle School is inclusive, nurturing and inspiring. It has been designed this way so that it can prepare pupils for the learning journey ahead of them, and to develop a love of learning that will serve them throughout their life. As well as covering all of the National Curriculum, our School Curriculum provides all of it’s children with the skills they will need to be successful in this phase of their education, the next and beyond.

Passionate hardworking teachers and support staff serve to ensure that learning is fun and safeguarding practices are strong. We work with and serve our community so that we are all safe, we are all happy and we all achieve. We fully embrace individualism and celebrate differences and diversity. Our classrooms are well resourced, our expectations are high and our love for learning and teaching is immense.

  • Mission

    We will create, for everyone, an environment of opportunity within a culture of success

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    17 Sep 2018 | BY churnetview

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    03 Jun 2018 | BY churnetview

    Churnet View open evening 2018