Year 5 ART:

Year 5 art starts with getting an understanding of the skills the students have gained in primary school. Students will complete a ‘still life’ sketch using tonal shading and line.
Moving on from this, students will develop their basic understanding of colour theory and learn about the primary and secondary colours, mixing them with paint to create the perfect colours.
Pencil exploration will kick start the second half of the Autumn term and students will explore tonal shading, cross hatching, hatching and other pencil shading methods students study the text The Wolves in the Walls therefore characters and themes from the text will be used to inspire students work.

Spring term:
During this term students study the text Black Dog students will learn how to manipulate clay, pulling and shaping to create a clay dog figure. Students then move to the text Rain Player, students will complete observational studies of peppers and other related items. They will then learn how to fringe papers and use their studies to create a Mayan inspired mask.

Summer term:
Students will gain an insight into the work of some of the ‘great’ artists. Students will take a look at the artist’s life as well as the media and subjects they would situate their work around. They will also research how these artists changed the world of art and the impact that they had on society.
Different media will be used to imitate their work and students will explore their use of pattern, shape and colour.

Year 6: ART

Autumn term:
Colour theory will be learnt and developed with students building on prior knowledge of primary and secondary colours. Tertiary colours and how to create them will be taught alongside neat application of the media.
Students will explore portrait artists like: Joan Miro, John DuBuffet, Jean Michel Basquiat and Paul Klee. Exploring their work and style and imitating their artwork.

Spring term:
Students will study the ceramic artists Kimmy Cantrell and learn how score and slip clay to create their own abstract ceramic portrait.

Summer Term:
Students will use the film Madagascar to inspire paper manipulated animal masks exploring how paper can be folded, cut and woven to add texture and detail to their work.
Students will be inspired by the artist Claire Young and create prints influenced by characters from the text Alice in Wonder Land.

Year 7: ART

Students will apply their existing knowledge from ks2 to create accurate colours of the colour wheel. Students will le understand the theory behind colour creations and be able to explain this alongside their work. Students will be able to explain the moods that colours represent.

Spring term:
Students will use natural forms to inspire a term of work looking at and exploring artists who do the same. Artists such as: Frank Spino, Ernst Haeckel, Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Goldsworthy will be explored and work will be created in their style and media. Students will then explore clay and the use of coil construction to create a coil-built nature inspired vessel.

Summer term:
Students will learn to explore paper as a media, weaving, curling and springing it to help create different textures and layers within their work.
They will also explore print in this term and textiles.

Year 8: Art

Throughout the year students will develop ideas and explore Art using a sketch book. Ideas, thoughts and creations will be logged in these books.

Autumn term:
Students will begin the year developing skills in new and securing skills of familiar medias. Students will use oil pastels, pencil crayons, soft pastels, charcoal, wax, inks, water colours and poster paints mixing accurate colours, tones, shades and tints alongside carrying out observational sketches of bugs insects and butterflies looking at various artists who also study these. Students will also explore print and create simplified print blocks of their chosen studies.

Spring term:
Students will learn about the celebration ‘Mexican day of the dead’ exploring the sugar skulls and symmetrical patterns used. Students will apply their learnt skills of paint, collage and grey scale to create different skull-based studies.

The proportions and layout of the human face will be taught with students creating portraits inspired cubism artist Picasso as well as life like grey scale studies.

Summer term:
Students will explore and study African masks designing and making one out of textured cardboard layers. They will also look at the work of Fabric Lenny and create some bright bold and eye-catching slab built clay structures.

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