Key Stage 2:

Year 5

In year 5 pupils carry out focussed practical tasks based on soldering skills using simple card switch circuits with lights, buzzers and motors.

Design skills are based on colouring and lettering skills using the drawing boards. Pupils also make a variety of card mechanisms.

The main project for Year 5 is to design and make a rocket with a light bulb, card switch and a vacuum formed rocket shape which the pupils decorate and mount onto a background. Pupils are encouraged to follow the design process from initial Ideas through to a written evaluation.

Research skills encourage the pupils to look at the development of the Camera over the ages.

Year 6

In Year 6 pupils carry out focussed practical tasks based on soldering skills using Light emitting diodes both flashing and standard ones and resistors.

The main design project for Year 6 is to design and make a card or photograph frame incorporating Light emitting diodes and resistors.

The project also has to include at least one moving part. Pupils follow a design process starting with making observations about examples of work through to producing a variety of Ideas, planning, making and a written evaluation.

Pupils will also carry out a group project to design and make a ’Buzzer Game’ which involves pupils working together to design a game, make box nets and solder a buzzer circuit together ‘wire to wire’ (without copper track).

Research skills involve pupils investigating the development of the Telephone over the years.

Year 7

Pupils carry out focussed practical tasks based on soldering skills using resistors, switches, transistors, buzzers, light bulbs and Light emitting diodes with Light dependent resistors (sensors).

Graphic skills involves pupils learning how to tonal shade a variety of shapes and objects.

The main project involves the pupils following the design process to make a Light Reflector out of Polypropylene incorporating a Rainbow Led circuit. The circuit components are soldered together ‘wire to wire’ (without using copper track).

Pupils also work together in small groups to design and make a model ‘Fairground Ride’ which involves pupils designing and planning as well as constructing a model which will be free standing and can be worked by hand. For this project pupils choose their own materials and tools to work with.

As a Research project pupils look at the development of ‘light’ from early man to present day taking in to consideration how different cultures use light as part of their festivals and traditions.

Year 8

The pupils practice working with a variety of materials to produce textures, tonal shading and different methods of presenting colour in their work.

They also practice Isometric drawing, incorporating it with the addition of the above skills.

The main project for Year 8 is to design and make either a money or storage box using the vacuum former to create a box and lid. These are then decorated following a chosen theme. The pupils have the option of incorporating electronics into their boxes if they wish. Pupils learn how to operate the vacuum former and are asked to teach another pupil how to use it.

The design process is followed including initial research, designs, planning, making, testing and written evaluations.

Research skills involve year 8 looking at ‘Seating’ over the ages, producing timelines and fact files for both indoor and outdoor seating.