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In years 7 and 8 our pupils receive specialist teaching in all of their lessons, as they would in a traditional secondary school. We feel that it is these approaches serve our pupils best. They also help to maintain the incredibly nurturing environment that we are so proud to be able to offer, in-conjunction with the high regard for academic achievement that everyone at Churnet View Middle School dearly holds.


Y8 Careers

The decisions that young people make at school have a big impact on their lives – affecting not just their further education, training or employment, but also their social lives and finance outcomes. A key priority of schools is to prepare students to transition successfully toward a future career path. This involves providing curriculum opportunities to build students’ general capabilities, support students’ interests and aspirations, and support them to make informed decisions about their subject choices and pathways.

As a result, the year 8 curriculum now as the addition of one hour of “careers” education, which takes place once a week. Learning about careers empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures. It is critical for surviving and thriving in the current world of work and for building a career pathway that students will love. Students will be learning a variety of skills and strategies that will equip them to plan and manage their learning and pathway. This will range from exploring different career pathways, CV writing, interview question, developing a can do attitude and why education is important. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity for a variety of outside speakers to attend the school and give a talk to our students about their careers and an opportunity for them to ask questions too.

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