As the new academic year gets underway the challenges facing our students are many and varied. Some are long standing and affect each generation of young people in similar ways. Others evolve rapidly as technology moves on and people’s behaviours adapt and change.

One area that is of great concern for all those working with young people is the challenge posed by the internet and social media. Ensuring that they can navigate a world that is potentially so rich and rewarding without exposing themselves to harm or being caught up in events with long term consequences is a constant source of concern.

The Department for Education has sponsored an initiative aimed at schools to help them support parents in their efforts to understand and guide young people around the issues of e-safety.

The website Parentinfo ( is a resource that gives all the latest advice and guidance around the issues of online safety. There is also a link to the site on the school website.

Having spent time looking through the materials, there is a great deal to recommend. With a commitment to update the material on a regular basis, it will be well worth adding to any parent’s “Favourites”.

E-Safety policy

Miss V Shepherd
Head of Computing

Click here to view E-Safety Policy

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