All students are responsible to follow these policies and procedures.

Pupils are asked to sign a user agreement in Year 5. Each time a pupil logs onto a school computer, they will be asked to accept or decline this agreement.

Acceptable User Policy

I shall not intentionally download, install, or use programs that damage or alter the computers or network. In addition, I understand that hacking, piracy, attempting to compromise network security, tampering with hardware or software, or vandalism of computer equipment are serious offenses that will result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the CVMS administration.

I will not bring software from home, download software of any kind from the Internet and install it on school computers, and make unauthorized copies of school software for their own use.

Use of school computers and the Internet must be academically related. I will not indiscriminately surf the net, play games, watch online videos for entertainment, or listen to unapproved music without the specific acceptance by a teacher or administrator.

I will not post personal contact information about myself or other people. I will not use staff / faculty computers without permission and supervision. Under no conditions will I provide my password to another person.

I understand that personal email, cloud storage, and social media sites are blocked on student computers unless special permission has been granted as required for concurrent enrollment or other academic purpose.

I will not engage in e-commerce activities on school computers. A email address is provided to me for academic purposes only. I will not use school-provided email as a primary personal email account. Accounts will be disabled over the summer.

I will report any violation of these guidelines by any other individual. I understand that I am expected to report any flaw in, or bypass of, network or Internet security.

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